L'École Supérieure de Commerce d'Amiens

Amiens Higher Business School


ESC Amiens offers curriculums in business management for every level, and various majors.

Amiens Higher Business School was founded in 1942. It developed year after year within the major higher education networks (ESCAE, ESC...) and extended its activity to both training and middle management (through its Bachelor of Management diploma in 1988) as well as continuing education (since 1990). The school now offers several education programmes : the Bachelor 3-year undergraduate programme, the Grande École programme, and the specialized MBA's. 

Its major features, which have proven their performance and efficiency throughout the school's development history, are : professional behaviour development, leading to individualized professional projects, with high rates of successful entry onto the job market ; its approach of the corporate sector and entrepreneurial spirit ; programmes of excellence (Amiens was a precursor in that field through its Political Science curriculum) ; social openness and diversity ; classes of human scale ; international features (including a China-oriented programme since 2010) ; a network of active, youthful graduates ; an exceptional location and environment.

ESC Amiens and ISPA have been partners in in recruiting and training students since October 2014. 

Are you interested in pursuing a curriculum at ESC Amiens ? Find out about the foundation programme for economy !